(Another) introduction…

If you’ve come across me at any point since I started book blogging in 2011, then you’ll know that I’ve often found it very difficult to stick to any sort of posting schedule. This difficulty stems from a combination of being a terrible procrastinator, and from my history of suffering from poor mental health — something that I still struggle with on a frustratingly regular basis. I find it really hard to think creatively when I’m not at my best — and I find it even more difficult to see any worth in the things that I do manage to create when I’m in that awful frame of mind.

Unfortunately, my most recent slump lead to me losing the content that I had established previously on this domain, as I felt that the posts I had made were somewhat pointless, and so I cancelled my hosting and allowed everything that I’d posted over the past year and half to be deleted.

On the one hand, I regret it. I liked the (small) presence I’d established for myself. I liked the followers I had and the friends I had made. I even liked some of my posts.

However, on the other hand, I think a fresh start is what I need. I felt like I’d pigeon-holed myself by confining myself to posting about books and not much else. I won’t do that this time. Although the name of this blog is distinctly bookish (I think it’s catchy, okay), I’ll now be posting whatever I want to post on this blog – be that book reviews, discussion pieces, lifestyle posts, or even some creative writing here and there. I don’t want to stamp out my productivity or my creativity by confining myself to posting about one topic and one topic only.

I’ve accepted now that my mental health will always get in the way of the things I do – even if those things are things that I enjoy. However, I think that, by allowing myself to post about a wider range of subjects, I’ll have a little less trouble with finding inspiration when it comes to making new posts.

Here’s hoping.

Anyway… Hello. I’m Shaunna. It’s nice to be back.


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